Thursday, December 30, 2010

Coffee and Teal

I find it difficult to photograph a larger quilt.  The wind was finally calm this morning, so DH obliged by standing on the step-stool and holding my latest finished quilt.  Of course a small gust caught the bottom, so the quilt doesn't hang quite straight....oh well.
The backing fabric is very unusual.  DH found it on the sale rack at a local quilt shop - it has undulating bands of bubbles in rust, (less red than in the picture), tan and teal on a dark brown background - just perfect for this project. 

This will be my last finish for 2010.  I'm looking forward to new quilting adventures in 2011. 

My group in Florida met yesterday, and everyone is excited to begin new projects too, so that keeps my creative juices flowing. 

I just received a large box of fabric from EQuilter - they had a clearance sale, and I couldn't resist.  Good thing I ordered early, because the choices are shrinking.  Now to get it all washed and folded so I can get back to planning and quilting.

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  1. Yeah for your finish. It looks great. I hate photographing big quilts outside too. the wind always seems to rustle the quilt just as I snap the picture.


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