Tuesday, December 14, 2010

More "Fruit Salad"

That is the name I've chosen for this colourful "Stack n Whack" project.
DH has a great eye for colour, so he helped me audition the blocks on many bolts of fabric.  Colours that I thought would work looked boring or flat, so I finally chose these
These are all the parts ready to lay out the quilt centre.  The "points" fabric is a very pale lime green.  Two were sewn to opposite sides of each hexagon.  The background green 60 degree diamonds were stitched to form the "fill in" pieces.  Larger 60 degree diamonds were cut in half to make straight edges.
 After some rearranging, this is the layout I chose.  The next step is to stitch together the diagonal rows, then the final seams, matching everywhere!  I still left the little "dog ears" that were formed when pressing all the seams open, as they help in matching.
FYI - Bethany Reynolds wrote the original book called "Magic Stack n Whack Quilts", and she has also written several others, found here.  They are lots of fun to make, and I have made several over the years.

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