Saturday, March 6, 2010

Questions Answered

1.  Yes, the Glad Press n Seal that I mentioned is the tacky type of plastic wrap used in the kitchen.  I use pastel fine point Sharpie markers to draw the design onto the wrap.  I let it dry well before placing onto the quilt top and stitching.  I recommend testing on scraps before stitching on your quilt.  I tried using my Pigma Micron pen to mark, but some of the ink rubbed off on the thread as I was stitching.  I usually test all the different colours on a scrap of wrap to see which colour shows up best.  Remember to always test!
It is easy to pull off after stitching, but if you have done any stitching over previous lines, little pieces can get caught.  It takes a bit of time to pick all the bits out, but is good TV watching work.
2.  I use a Juki TL-98Q to stitch almost all of my free motion work, although I do some using my favourite Pfaff as well.
My husband altered my table so that my  machine can sit flush to the table top.  He cut a hole in the table top and built a box at the correct depth.  He even drilled a hole, so that the presser foot knee lift can be used.  I find that my quilting has improved greatly having the machine a table height, instead of sitting the machine on the table and adding the extension table.  I still use the extension if I go to a workshop etc.
The Juki is a straight stitch machine, with a great stitch, and seems easier to adjust the tension.  It comes with a walking foot and two free motion feet as well.  I don't like the 1/4 inch foot very much, but that is just a person preference.   I did purchase a free motion foot from Sharon Schambers, and use it when I have to follow a pre-marked line, as it gives better visabililty while stitching.  I only pre-mark quilting designs for about 10% of my quilting. 
This is where I sew while in Florida.  The sun  hits the room in the afternoon, so the matchstick blinds keep it out of my eyes.  You can see my Juki set into the table. 

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  1. How do you pre-mark on the press and seal paper? Doesn't it stick to the paper you are transferring from?


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