Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Last Section Quilted!

Finally finished the last round of feathers!  These travel between the gold and rust stars, and the blue plaid "chain" area.
Once again, I planned the route that the stem travels by tracing a pencil line on the gray-scale print out of the quilt design.
Machine quilted using my Juki with no frame.
Just the feather quilting took 14 filled bobbins of tan thread!  Now I have to spend some time checking the front and back for stray threads.  I try to do this while I am stitching, but there are always just as many "hidden" on the quilt - especially a busy quilt with a pieced plaid backing!
Now I just have to wait for a wind-free day to get a picture of the whole quilt!  This is a big one - blocks are 12 inches finished, and they are in a 7 x 9 layout.  DH wondered why I wasn't adding a border!


  1. Hope that you get a sunny day soon. The quilting you did is beautiful, thanks for sharing. Hearing that you did it on your home machine inspires me.

  2. Oh, it looks fabulous! Beautifully done!


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