Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Christmas Lights Completed

When I had completed all the blocks, the next decision was the layout.  Since I was working a month or so behind the more eager quilters, I was fortunate enough to trip across a quilter's blog, (blogger unknown - sorry), that showed 3 additional layouts.  One of these struck a chord with me, so it was the winner!
I scan through the blogs found here every morning and check out the ones that catch my eye.
I used the quilting design that was suggested in Quiltmaker, and stitched tangled Christmas lights all over the quilt - I think this would have been easier using a quilting frame, but I managed to do it in three passes down the length of the quilt, making sure that the quilting motifs were evenly distributed over the quilt top.
Now it needs to find a home. According to my rough calculations, I was able to use up approximately 18 yards of my stash, including the pieced front, the backing and the binding!

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  1. Nice finish, and WOW, this was a great stash-buster! I love your layout. Thanks for sharing!


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