Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Finishing UFO's

I'm usually pretty good about finishing projects, but sometimes, when the excitement of some new idea hits, I just have to get started, and from time to time, I find a few UFO's around.
Last winter, I spent one of our quilting afternoons, teaching about  applique.  I made quite a few heart appliques, using several different fusible products and methods, as well as some hand appliques, showing different ways to prepare the pieces.  I took some time to finish all the applique, some by hand and some by machine, and decided it was time to make them into a quilt.
I used an alternating "leaders and enders" 16 patch block to complete the quilt top.  The top was too narrow, so I added border to each side, again using some "leaders and enders" 4 patches.

When I quilted, I wanted to use a different design inside each heart, but I think I did do one or two alike!


  1. The hearts are very nice and with the scrappy 16 blocks. I think they will be quite beautiful. Hope you show the whole quilt soon.

  2. Those hearts are so fun! I love how each one has a different design quilted into it. I think my favorite is the second from the bottom. The overlapping circles make is look so lacy.


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