Saturday, March 6, 2010

Making a template using Press n Seal

I just smooth the Press n Seal over the pattern in a book or one that I have printed from my computer.  It leaves a tiny bit of tackiness, but not enough to even make the pages stick together.  When I mark a template for use on darker fabric, I use the golden tracing paper, as it tears away very easily.  I used to use it exclusively before Press n Seal hit the market.  The plastic wrap moves easily when you are manipulating your quilt through your machine.
I only pre-mark about 10% of my quilting designs before stitching.  I usually decide what design I want to use, and if I want part of the design to be in a regular spot on the quilt, I mark the spots with a pin, to remind me to stitch a leaf, flower, butterfly, etc. in that spot.  I have also quilted words and phrases in the border of a quilt, using a chalk marker as a guide line for the letters, and rarely in a straight line - curves are so much nicer!

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  1. Thanks for the response. Are you planning on going to the quilt show in Trenton next weekend? I've never been, but hear that it's a nice outdoor show.


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