Sunday, January 14, 2018


Fabric used this week 0 yards
Fabric used year to date 0 yards
Fabric added this week 25 yards
Fabric added year to date 25 yards
Net used 2018  -25 yards  
No change this week.  I had a busy week, which included my demo on various ways to machine and hand stitch clamshells together.   I was surprised how many tried the techniques, with some making a quick trip home for scrap fabric so they could join in the fun!
My own project has made some progress.  I completed all the pieced units of the first block design.  I have sewn the together in one direction, and all the blocks are pinned ready to stitch.  Unfortunately, our weather became very cold, damp and rainy again, and my sewing room (a sunroom under the carport roof) was just too cold to sit and sew.  Today the sun is shining, and my room has finally warmed up, so I'm off to sew the blocks!
I'm linking up with  quiltpaintcreate to share my stash report.


  1. Your demo sounds fun. That's a technique I haven't seen demo'd over the years.

  2. I would have like to have seen your demo. I've only used a clamshell in a quilting pattern.


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