Thursday, January 4, 2018


I'm a Canadian, spending the winter in Florida, and I'm not really complaining about the cold weather here - it will soon pass.  During our time as an Air Force family, we lived as far north as the lower edge of Hudsons Bay, and spent time in various locations in Ontario, as well as 2 years on Vancouver Island.

My sewing room is in a bonus room under the carport.  It is unheated and has a ceiling fan to help with the heat and humidity.  DH knew I planned to spend time there today, so he went out early, and opened the blinds so the sun would warm the space!  By 11am it was toasty, and I spent time cutting fabric, and working to lay out my latest applique project.  I had prepared all the pieces, and was using drops of school glue (washable), along with an iron, to attach the stems and pieces to the background square.  Now I'll have plenty of hand sewing work to do while we watch TV in the evenings.  I also washed all my new fabric, so it will be ready to begin a new project tomorrow.

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