Tuesday, January 9, 2018


I spent some time over the weekend playing with clamshells.  I chose 5 inch squares from a stack of leftover charm squares, and cut a stack of clams.  I tried the traditional way of machine piecing first.

I matched the notches, and used a ton of pins and very carefully stitched, making sure that all the fullness was eased in, and no tucks were formed.  I pressed the seam allowances toward the piece just added.

Then I tried a modified English paper piecing method.  The first row was stitched together.  Then I spent time turning the top edge to the back, using a freezer paper template that I had ironed to the back of each piece. 
 I spread some Best Pressed along the seam allowance of the top, and then, using a stylus to help, pressed the edge to the back with my iron.  When the block was cool, I pulled the freezer paper away.  When I had all the pieces ready for the first row, I used dots of liquid washable glue to attach the row, pressing the row dry with my iron.  I top-stitched the row, using a narrow, short blind hem stitch, with monofilament (invisible) thread in the needle, and regular thread in the bobbin.  I adjusted the thread tension so that none of the bobbin thread showed on the top. 
I like both methods, but decided to use the second method to make my pillow top.
I also began cutting pieces for a new large quilt project.  I am using some fabric from my stash, but also added a few yards to my stash at the end of the year to fill out my selection.  The first block is a pieced 9-patch, and I have completed the first part - simple 4-patch blocks, and started on the second part - a square or diamond in a square unit.  The orange/red is new - a fossil fern that called to me from the quilt shop shelf!
I'm connecting with others at Small Quilts an Doll Quilts this week.

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  1. Ooh, I love clam shell quilts, and that's on my to-make list, too! I have the 4" clam shell die for my GO! Baby cutter, and I also have acrylic templates for 9 1/2" clam shells that I thought would be nice for showing off those large scale prints that are too pretty to chop up. It's also appealing that with the larger clamshells, I wouldn't need near as many patches to make up a quilt... ;-)


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