Saturday, May 28, 2016


I was asked to take over a workshop on Thursday.  The person who was going to teach it had to be out of town.
Thursday morning I headed to the fairgrounds in Odessa ON, where we use one of their buildings for large workshops.  I was there about 8:45, and helped set up tables and chairs.  Soon ladies started arriving with sewing machines, and lots of assorted stuff.

I had 2 helpers for the morning and part of the afternoon too.  The ladies were there to make some clothesline baskets.  I only had a couple to show, as most of mine have been gifted or sold, but my helpers each brought one as well.  It took a while to get everyone started, as it is important to get a good starting wrap of the clothesline.  Then the 3 of us were flitting from table to table to help everyone start their coils ( the hardest part, I think). 

I shared a couple of websites with the group, and everyone was off and wrapping then stitching.

Personally, I like to wrap the clothesline ahead of time, then just sit and stitch.

By 4pm, there were some finished baskets, and some great progress by others, who had decided to make a large basket to hold knitting.

There was lots of chatting and visiting to see what other's baskets were looking like and seeing how different fabric choices were working.  

I explained that I save all the selvedge edges from the fabric I buy, and make scrappy baskets, so I think I have people looking a the selvedges with "new eyes".

I must say that I was tired by the end of the day - my first full one since I was ill, but when I returned home, I sat and wrapped some selvedges around some clothesline!

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