Friday, November 27, 2015


As a Canadian, we celebrate Thankgsiving in mid-October.  DH and I had our turkey dinner with all the fixings, although we didn't have pumpkin pie this year.
Now that we are in the sunny south for the winter, our newest neighbours, who live across the street, invited us to share their Thanksgiving feast.  They had their daughter and her family visiting, and 3 other couples as well.  
We all brought something - I made crusty dinner rolls, and we had lovely appetizers first.  When they were cleaning up from dinner, with lots of hands making it go quickly, they asked if anyone made turkey soup, as they could have the turkey rack.  Of course, DH volunteered me, so it was all place in a large plastic bag, and DH brought it home right away.
Imagine my surprise to find that the only meat they had served from the whole turkey was the 2 large breasts!  I had noticed that there was no dark meat on the platter at our table, but since we were at 2 tables, I just though that it must have been served over there.  The leftovers included the wings and both legs and thighs!  I quickly carved off some of the meat to have for another dinner, and in sandwiches, and I think the result is going to be more like turkey stew.  I'll send over some of the finished product to our host and hostess, so they can enjoy it too!

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