Wednesday, November 4, 2015


I'm not complaining, but Florida is in a heat wave with high humidity - quite a shock after leaving the frosty north.  According to friends, they've had some lovely warm days for the past week too!
I picked up my machine yesterday - set to work, after its beauty treatment.  Today it was time to set up my sewing room, working in short spurts, with cooling time indoors.  (My sewing room is a sun-room built under our carport - the only cooling is provided by a ceiling fan, and a breeze when there is one.)

My cutting table is ready for work.  The red case underneath is for my machine, and the bin holds various sewing projects in bags.  The small duffel bag on top holds the pre-cut pillowcases for our sewing day in February.  The binder on the left holds my current project notes, and the one on the right has clear sleeves to hold specialty rulers and templates.

My machine is set up, with my small bins holding 2 inch squares for "leaders and enders".  There are some thread casses on the floor, as well as 2 sets of plastic drawers.  The TV is pushed into the corner - I don't watch it much - prefer audio books.  The shelves hold some of my fabric - mostly collections that I hope will return north in the spring as finished quilts!

The white drawers on the left contain sewing supplies that stay here all year, while the black drawers on the right are full of extra tools, cones of thread, tins of basting pins etc., that travel north and south each year.
On top, there is a large bin of 1 1/2 inch strips, and 2 smaller ones of 2 inch strips on top.  The largest bin holds 2 1/2 inch strips, as well as 5 inch charm squares.  Since this side of the room gets lots of sun, I have a table cloth that hangs over the back, and pulls down over the strip bins on the front.  I also use one to hang in front of the fabric storage on the shelves.  It also keeps the dust from settling on the fabrics when the windows are open, which is almost every day!

My final preparation is to look through the drawers in the guest room to see what I have stashed in there - probably more stuff that needs to live in my sewing room!

I just posted the next 2 months' patterns for the BOM on my guild's website, so I'll probably start with that!

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