Thursday, March 12, 2015


Our annual outing with my quilt group was a great success.  We went out for lunch, then visited a large Joann's and 2 quilt shops while wending our way home!

A member of my first online quilting group, at Recreation, Crafts, Textiles, Quilting, called, and was able to come and join our group for the day.  We knew each other online, and had met twice before when she was in my area.  We spent most of our time catching up on our quilting adventures, as well as family news.  My group members asked if we were sisters?  We look quite a bit alike, and have sons around the same age!

There were quite a few parcels loaded into the 4 full vehicles, although I resisted this time.  I didn't want to go back into the red on my next stash report!  I'm surprised at how fast the winter has passed by - we only have 3 more quilting Wednesdays!  It is always bitter sweet to say good-bye to all my quilting friends, as I never know how many will return in the fall.....

I know I'll enjoy returning north, even if there is still a bit of snow.  I'll get to hold my new grandson for the first time, and there is tons of work to do to prepare for my guild's quilt show in June, including machine quilting a BOM quilt from blocks that have been handed in over the winter!

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