Sunday, February 15, 2015


Fabric used this week  6.625 yards
Fabric used year to date  42.375
Fabric added this week  0 yards
Fabric added year to date  46.5 yards
Net used 2015  -4.125 yards

I'm still in the red, but closing fast.  Unfortunately, my favourite quilt shop is having their annual fat quarter sale on Tuesday, so....
I did complete another "panel" quilt.  I've had this in my stash for a long timeI'm looking forward to completing my group's mystery quilt.  Mine is in pieces, so I have samples of each step.  I've been sewing them together after each week so I'll have the top completed as soon as possible.
My next project is using a large border print and some matching blocks that just love.  Hopefully my design idea will work!

Check out all the reports at Judy's blog, Patchwork Times.


  1. That has to be one of the cutest panels I have seen in awhile. Like the slogan at the bottom. It sure is fun to reveal they mystery. Sounds like you have some fun projects going on. That stash number is going to be in the black real soon. Sandi

  2. I hope you have fun at the fat quarter sale! Your numbers are still good. Have a great week.

  3. Oh watch out for the sales -- they can be very tempting. But if the prices are right, I say bring it home!! lol Afterall you are closing the gap.


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