Saturday, February 7, 2015


Last winter, when visiting a not so local quilt shop with friends, I spotted this wonderful border stripe fabric.  A piece had to come home, along with some of the coordinating fabric.  It is rich looking with metallic gold accents.

After completing my Grand Illusion mystery quilt, I needed a quick project to work on, so I placed the stripe on my cutting board, and cut one of each coloured stripe.  I cut 60 degree triangles from the darker blue stripe, and made a large hexagon.  I then cut a strip from the coordinating print to make the second stripe the same width, and cut more 60 degree triangles.
Here is the completed runner, that I named "Earth Sea and Sky".  I used gold metallic thread to quilt some of the lines in each block.  I echo quilted the shapes of the lighter fabric, and also in the centre of the darker hexagon.  I used crosswise cut strips of the fabric to bind the edge, to help bring the two totally different looking fabrics together.  Completed in an afternoon!  I showed it to my DIL via Skype this morning, and she loves the colours, so I think it has found a new home.....

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  1. That's gorgeous, Susan! Absolutely gorgeous!


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