Friday, October 24, 2014


I have nothing to show - knitting wise.....
I delivered three bags of mitts, slippers, scarves, hats and a shawl to the cousins last weekend.  They were happy that I made some smaller mitts and slippers.  I have tiny amounts of alpaca yarn left, but not enough to make anything!

My house is a disaster, as we are gathering items to take south for the winter.

The red case holds my Bernina - it is going in for its annual cleaning as soon as we arrive south.  I have my quilt tool bag packed, holding cutting board, rulers, cutters, scissors etc.  My containers of strips are ready, a small duffel full of fabric, and a large black bag full of books.  Since I am in charge of the weekly quilting group, I take a few books to use if members are looking for ideas or inspiration.  I have 1 of the 4 large totes packed, but have 3 more to go.  DH also has to pack his guitar stuff, music books, amplifiers, cables, etc.  Right now he is washing the kitchen floor - we like to leave the house clean - much better greeting on our return!

Back to packing (wish I was knitting!)


  1. A trip south sounds good to me as it's been raining here a lot in the past few weeks. Can't imagine packing for an extended stay though.

    1. We've been doing this annually since 2001. Lists are our best tools. We keep check lists on the computer, adding and removing items as needed. It sure makes it less stressful!


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