Monday, October 6, 2014


My design wall is empty!!!!  We had a great visit with our family for the past 4 days, so no quilting went on.  I just finished a vest to be donated to  my guild's boutique at the quilt show next June.

Of course, due to Murphy's Law, we had problems with one of the toilets when we had extra people staying in our townhouse.  DH had to remove the toilet for a day to make some repairs.  Couldn't leave it disconnected, so reinstalled it by night time.  Sunday after our family departed, I helped him to remove the toilet and the flooring (thank heavens for the vinyl floating flooring that we installed), and we have the dehumidifier and and a fan thoroughly drying the subfloor.  We'll re-install things back to normal tonight or tomorrow.

Since we will be heading south at the end of the month, I've been spending time making up kits for projects I want to complete over the winter.  I have some special ones for our first grandchild, due in January!  I've even dusted off my dressmaking skills and plan to make some baby clothes for the new arrival.  I have some older patterns for baby items, and while some of the things are very dated, there are some great patterns for basics, including sleepers.  I remember all the "stretch terry " sleepers that mine wore, but it seems like most of the commercial sleepers are is cotton knits.  Guess I'll have to dig out my ball point needles for knits too!

We have planned to visit the future parents in 10 days, to help set up the nursery (including shopping for some of their must have items).  I'll probably be sending items north all winter too!  We're excited to have our first grandchild - can you tell?

Check out the wonderful work shared at Judy's blog, Patchwork Times.


  1. Things like that always happen at the wrong time. Glad you had a nice visit.

  2. You have every reason to be excited! I used to love the stretchy terry one piece jammies. Don't see anything like it now. Having all girl grands I do see a lot of cute clothes on the girls. I have yet to make more than shorts and a top and the shorts didn't fit worth anything. I'm hesitant to try again. Good luck.


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