Sunday, September 7, 2014


We had a busy week, with some members of DH's musical group visiting, and joining in on the concerts at local nursing homes and seniors' residences that DH and his friend perform.  He calls his group "3 for a Quarter" because they play oldies music, that remind people of the old juke boxes that charged 1 song for 10 cents or 3 for a quarter.  Usually they perform in our home area as a duet, but when we head south for the winter, the group grows from 2 up to 5 or 6, depending on availability.  DH and 2 of the group headed to the Syracuse NY area on the long weekend, and met a 4th member to play as 5 different places in 2 days.  They all headed north to our home area, and continued with 4 more performances here.  Our US member stayed at our home, along with his wife, and we had fun getting to know each other better, and showing off our town!  My first guild meeting was this week, so we took the non-quilter to the meeting, where she really enjoyed the trunk show by our guest of the month.  She even was asking me how hard it is to make a project,  so I might convince her to join our group when we all arrive at our southern location.
We ended the week on a down-turn after hearing of the death of a long-time friend.  DH returned to university in 1978 as a mature student.  His friend carpooled with him for 4 years, and they were room mates on basic officer training, and French language training for 10 weeks each time.  We attended his funeral on Friday morning, along with his family and many friends.  He will be missed.
I did managed some knitting while our company was visiting, and now I'm catching up on laundry (I'm sure it reproduces in the basket when the lights are out!)  We seem to have tons of laundry for just 2 people!!!!

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