Saturday, May 17, 2014


I've spent lots of time sewing log cabin blocks, hunting for strips the right colours, then finding fabric for borders - all from my stash!  While I was rummaging through my brown/rust pile, I decided to re-fold the fabrics, and I also took the time to organize them by value, from darkest at the bottom to the lightest at the top.  Since I had them all out to find pieces large enough for the borders, it seemed to make sense to reorganize it.

Tuesday was spent at the community quilts workshop.  One of the members is lucky enough to dedicate the entire basement of her bungalow to quilting, so there was lots of room for 12 quilters to work.  She also stores all our donated supplies, and her DH makes a pot of soup for each monthly work day, to add to all the pot luck goodies that everyone brings.  Three of us pin-basted 9 quilts, trying to make a dent in the many tops that are completed by our guild members.  We had a visit from the organizer of the "Hugs" program at our local hospital, and she left with a huge bag of baby quilts for the program, and some to be sold in the gift shop, with the money going to the program for other items.  I brought home 3 basted quilts to finish in time for next month's meeting. 

Wednesday there was a food bank drive, so I dropped DH off at our friend's home, and they went door-to-door, collecting donations.  Then I headed off to the monthly meeting for our next quilt show.
Quilts Kingston 2015 is next June - Friday to Sunday, 12th-14.  Our show is hosted by both guilds in Kingston, so we have a fairly large committee!  We had some lively discussions, but things are moving along nicely.  The above link will take you to our official website, and our publicity convener will also be providing updates on the Quilts Kingston 2015 blog.

 Weekends mean laundry and baking - since we are charged different rates for electricity at different times of day, most of my dryer and oven use is saved for weekend, which are charged at the lower rate.  DH started the laundry, and I'm getting some "oven" style meals planned, and I have to bake so I have some goodies for friends dropping by for tea, and to take to they guild executive meeting this week (we take turns bringing refreshments).  I've also started machine quilting the first quilt from Tuesday's outing. This one has some large, plain blocks - perfect for some quilting opportunities!

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