Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Pattern Questions Answered

The pattern "A Long Time Ago in Bethlehem" is found in the July 2012 edition of Australian Homespun magazine.
I found an e-edition available at Zinio.com (no affiliation).
After downloading the edition, you can find a link to the remainder of the patterns located on page 63 of the magazine.
The magazine usually has the patterns available for 1 year, but have kept this one, as it is so popular!
You can get the finishing instructions for block 1 in the magazine...

I hope this helps everyone!

This could have been answered privately if people wouldn't add their comments as Anonymous!!!!


  1. Susan - I've responded to Anonymous' enquiry about accessing the patterns when people purchase a digital copy of the magazine. If anyone else has questions, they can email them directly to the magazine's Editorial Assistant, Emma Bradstock at ebradstock@universalmagazines.com.au

    Megan Fisher
    Technical Editor
    Australian Homespun

  2. Susan - This is the first time that I have ever commented on a blog post and don't have any of the profiles set up that are available. I apologize for not following the appropriate protocol.

    Megan - Thanks again for the help.

  3. Ah -- never mind! I see the question answered here! :)


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