Thursday, January 23, 2014


At this time of year, we start to see some finishes my members of my quilting group.  I'd thought I'd share some candid shots of some of the projects.
This wonderful applique quilt was made by a fairly new quilter, who said that when she began the project, she didn't know enough about quilting to understand how long it would take to complete.  All the appliques were made with the freezer paper method, with turned under seam allowances and then machine satin stitched.  She had it professionally quilted - a work of art!
A close-up picture that shows the quilting better.  I wish I had taken this without the flash, but I was using our old camera, and I didn't remember how to turn it off!
Another fairly new quilter finished this lovely batik log cabin quilt.  She just received it back from the quilter, and was hand stitching the binding.

She chose a quilting design with a dragonfly to echo one of the the fabrics in the top.  Once again my flash washed out the color of the backing fabric. 

This black and white quilt top was having borders added... 

Here is a completed pinwheel stripe table runner, followed by one in progress.

There were many more projects in various states of completion, but since I was helping everyone with their questions, I was unable to photograph them all.


  1. I love the flying geese breaking up the applique blocks - beautiful!

  2. That applique quilt is gorgeous! Did it have a name? All the projects were excellent.

  3. I agree with Karen and A Nudge, that applique quilt is beautiful. Thanks for showing it. It must be wonderful to see such great work, and meet with these quilters.


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