Tuesday, April 16, 2013


We had an uneventful trip north.  We did stop in to visit Wilson's quilt shop in Hagerstown Maryland, so I'll have to report my small fabric purchases next Sunday.

We were greeted with an ice storm 2 days after our return, but we didn't have any high winds in our area, so not too many broken branches and power outages.  I took this picture through the window, and you can see the reflection of a lamp!

Last Saturday we packed up again, drove to Toronto and had lunch with DS1 & DDIL - managed to get caught up on all their news before heading north.  We checked into our motel in Orillia ON, then proceeded to Coldwater to help a dear friend celebrate his 60th birthday and retirement after 38 years in the Canadian Armed Forces!  Lots of family and friends made the celebration spectacular.  Since all the ice had melted, Mother Nature decided to add a bit of snow our way on the way back to the motel!
Sunday we headed to Kitchener ON to visit DS2 & DDIL, staying overnight.  They are doing some house hunting, so we checked out 3 homes that were having an open house.  They aren't ready to buy yet - still saving their down payment, but they are doing lots of research so they will be knowledgeable buyers.  They hope to find a home to last them a very long time!

Monday morning we headed back home, and we've spent today getting caught up on filing, banking, more grocery shopping, and shopping for a birthday present for a great-nephew.
The only quilting that has been happening is basting half-inch hexagons.  I pieced together some small medallions from the basted pieces made on the trip north, and spent the driving time during the past weekend basting more!  I think this will be continuing for a long, long, long time.  Hopefully I'll get to spend some time in my sewing room tomorrow (but only if DH doesn't decided to do our taxes, due April 30th)!    

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