Sunday, February 10, 2013


Fabric used this week  5.375 yards
Fabric used year to date  55.125 yards
Fabric added this week  2 yards
Fabric added year to date  14.5 yards
Net used 2013  38.625 yards

  I received my latest order from Connecting Threads.  Batting was on sale, so I ordered a new supply, and because I was a bit short for the free shipping, I ordered a yard of "background" fabric from the clearance page!
Then today, DH and I stopped at my local quilt shop on the way to pick up groceries, and I found some perfect fabric for a project that has been percolating in my brain for a couple of years.  I think I'll be ready to work on it when we return north in the spring - the draft of the design, along with the background fabric are waiting in my sewing room.
This week, I finished 4 small Christmas projects - made from panels that I've had for at least 20 years!  I managed to make them only using  stash - bonus!

I hope everyone had a busy week using their stash!  Check it out at Judy's blog, Patchwork Times.  


  1. Wow, great stash busting so far this year even with the new additions.

  2. It is a great feeling to make quilts entirely from stash. Your numbers are great.

  3. Oooo, can't wait to see your new quilt design. You are so creative to be able to design your own quilts!


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