Wednesday, February 13, 2013


DH came for a visit and took a group picture with all the baby quilts that will be donated to the local pregnancy care centerMy congratulations and thanks goes out to each and every one of the great group!  There was a lot of learning about making scrappy quilts, with many hands making light work!

This time of year, there is lots of finishing of projects happening, and a few new ones before we end our season.  We'll be heading home mid-April, and although the group could continue, it shrinks every week, as people prepare to head north.  The few that stay here year-round get together in small groups over the summer.

Today some of them tried their first paper piecing project.  I found a small 3 inch paper piecing pattern that we are making into name tags.  As the group has been growing, it has been more difficult for everyone to remember all the names, especially as some are regular attendees and others come from time to time.  They will be able to turn the finished project into a pin or a pendant, but then I'm sure they'll be forgotten at home!  There were 5 working on the block today, with much supervision - most had not tried paper piecing before!

This gorgeous block (its either 4 or 5 inches), was made by one of the new members to the group, but obviously not a novice quilter.  She has 3 more to go to finish her project!  We all love the colours..... Now that some of them have tried paper piecing, I'm sure they'll appreciate her skill and hard work even more! 


  1. WOW, that is some paper pieced block. Not for the faint of heart, for sure, but beautiful.

  2. Hi Susan, i just found your Blog via Pinterest and I like it very much !!!
    Especially I love those paper piecing pattern. Could you tell me if Its a free pattern. I'm very interested to try this pattern?
    Best wishes

    1. I don't have access to the pattern for the block shown. The one the group was working on was very simple - best for beginners. That awesome block was from a workshop that one of our attendees went to while up north.


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