Tuesday, February 12, 2013


I am always on the lookout for interesting border prints.  They make great final borders when you can find the right fabric to make the centre.
Another piece that was languishing in my stash travelled south this fall - it was a pretty border print with bluebirds and roses.  Unfortunately, I had only picked up 1 yard, so it had limited uses.

Since I wanted a "no brainer" project while I'm fighting my cold, I cut the strips apart, lengthwise.  This fabric had fairly narrow designs, so there were 6 complete strips across the width of the fabric.

I used my ruler to cut two of the strips into a 60 degree table runner, cutting two 60 degree triangles from each end of the two strips.  Then with some careful pinning, the runner was made!
Since I still had four strips left, I was able to make a set of 4 placemats from the leftover strips.
I pulled out my new bag of Thermore batting - my favourite for place mats and runners, found a part bolt of tan muslin, and a few pins later I was quilting!  I stitched in the ditch on both sides of all the darker blue lines, then added the binding.  The tan swirl fabric was leftover from a previous project, and once again I used almost all of it!
I hand stitched the bindings in place while watching TV in the evening, and while getting caught up on Downton Abbey this afternoon.
I used a blue variegated thread to outline each of the bluebirds, and then outlined the flowers and leaves on each side of the floral wreath with monofilament thread. 

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  1. They're *beautiful*, Susan! And just right for this time of year. :)


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