Monday, February 6, 2012


This was one of the 4 quilts that was pin-basted on Saturday.  It is still waiting in line to be quilted.  I did finish my Tipsy Stars wall hanging - finishing the quilting before heading out to a super-bowl party, and finishing the binding this morning while I watched PBS.

I had fun choosing different coloured threads for each flower, then I used a green metallic mylar thread for the leaves in the background areas.  It still looked like it needed more, so I added stippling and called it finished!
 This shows the leaf design in the background with stippling.
I stitched a regular feather in part of the petal, and a feathered hook in the centre highlighted areas.

Off to do more quilting, after I run the vacuum around.  Lots of little bits after having a dog for the week!

Head off to Judy's blog to see what other quilters are creating today.


  1. Your Tipsy Star wall hanging is so beautiful! Love all the wonderful quilting and I might have to try this neat!

  2. Oh this is awesome -- I like it with the bright, bold colors. Found you through Connie's pin on pinterest! :)

  3. I like the way you changed up the feathers in the alternating areas, Susan! Looks great! :)

  4. Your quilting is beautiful. It really finishes the quilt well!!! Love it!!

  5. Wow, how cool is that! Who would guess that your tipsy flowers are actually made with Drunkard's Path blocks? I like the effect of spinning, and the flip & stitch corners that create the diamonds. Awesome is right! Fun quilting, too!

  6. I like the way your quilted your Tipsy flowers. Thanks for sharing the photos. I've never seen that pattern before and may have to keep it in mind for a future project.

  7. Love the bright, bold colors of the "flowers". Where can I get the pattern??


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