Saturday, February 25, 2012


Working on my latest kaleidoscope blocks.  I've made 30 blocks, each with 8 wedges, and each wedge had a narrow strip sewn to the top edge, and then trimmed before stitching together.   Here's the first set....

 Next step is to complete the corner units - more kaleidoscopes - triangles this time.  They also need the narrow strip sewn to each one.  I'll also be making the border "half blocks", also with the strip to each piece.  

Our visitors arrive Tuesday morning, so for the 10 days following, I'll have very little time to sew.  I may even have to skip my Wednesday quilting group - we have to plan outdoor activities according to the weather, and so far, it isn't planning to rain on Wednesday.....

I hope to get some hand sewing ready to work on while they are here, but who knows!  My next step is to pack up all my quilting stuff that is stored in the "guest room".  We love having company, but I wish I had another place to store my stuff.  My sewing room is under the carport, and has no climate control, so I don't store much there.  Love the space, but wish it had air conditioning this year!


  1. Wow, those look terrific! Did you use the same fabric for your different kaleidescope blocks?

  2. Whoops, just found the answer in your next post! How lovely!


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