Monday, February 13, 2012


After finishing the quilting on some baby and lap quilts, I decided to try a small project.  A member of my group had tried this pattern, and was a bit confused when it was time to add the borders, so I thought I'd try it with some of the pastels that have managed to migrate into my stash over the years.
 The centre was simple, with quarter square triangle blocks and square-in-the-squares.  I decided to change the direction of the quarter square triangle blocks, as I like the 2-tone triangles that were formed with the next border.  Next time I make this, I'll follow the pattern exactly.
I managed to get the "stitch in the ditch" quilting done, as well as some small motifs in the floral blocks completed before it was time to go out to dinner with friends last night.  By the time we returned, I was too full of "prime rib" to continue, and with the sun down, my sewing room had cooled off.  I have the blinds fully open this morning, so I'll be able to begin work by about 10am, after the sun has time to warm up the room.
Head over to Judy's blog to see all the creativity happening this Monday!


  1. I love it! My kind of colors and fabric.

  2. Beautiful! Love those colors... :)

  3. that's a great block. I really love the teal border, it adds to much. I never would have thought of that. Very nice.


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