Sunday, July 24, 2011


Another week of no apparent progress!

Used this week 0 yards
Used year to date 120.63 yards
Added this week 0 yards
Added year to date 52.375 yards
Net used 2011 68.25 yards

Check out Judy's blog to see how everyone else is progressing.

I did manage to get my "Pushin Up Spring" quilt basted, but then I decided to do the alterations on my future DIL's two formal dresses before I rearranged the sewing room.  Both are black and beaded, but the one that I thought would be most difficult proved to be the easiest to take in.  It had a handkerchief hem, but the original was serged with a rolled hem, so when I shortened it, I did the same.
The second dress had a beaded over-top that was stitched into the side seams in various places.  Took a while to figure out how to take it in!  Good thing I splurged on an Ott light with a built-in magnifier, as I needed it to carefully remove the stitching on these black dresses.  I still have to hem the second dress, then I'll be on to quilting!
DH is doing fine 2 days after cataract surgery.  His biggest problem now is that his glasses are impossible.  He still needs them for his left eye, but can see quite well without them using his right eye.  Now he has to wait 4-6 weeks before he can get replacements.  He is following his instructions from the doctor, with just a couple of gentle reminders from me.


  1. Sometimes life sure gets in the way of quilting but hey, at least you didn't add to your stash!!

  2. Even if you didn't use anything this week, your numbers look great. Congratulations and I hope your husband continues to recover nicely.

  3. Nothing in is a good week! So great stash busting even if nothing went out.


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