Thursday, July 7, 2011


The truck is being picked up at 6pm tonight for DS2's move to Kitchener.  He is hoping a few of his gaming friends arrive later to help with box/furniture loading.  We've been running around the house finding little things to add to the "last minute box" too.

His fiancee and her Dad have been to the apartment a couple of times.  It has been repainted, carpets cleaned, and appliances cleaned and serviced.  She took about half of her boxes over already, and last night checked to see if the phone was working.
This morning, her Mother announced that they were going shopping to stock the refrigerator, but she thinks she just wants to see the apartment before they move in......  She is having serious empty nest feelings, as her other daughter has been apartment hunting as well, and plans to move to Toronto soon!
We'll be heading out,  hopefully by noon on Friday, then the big "move in" begins Saturday at 9:30-1:30 (they had to book one of the elevators, so it could be put on service, just for them).
I'm so excited for them, but sad to see DS2 leaving again.  It has been wonderful to get to know him as an adult.  He's worked very hard to move forward with his life, and begin a new career, helping others.
I finished the final applique block for "Pushin' Up Spring" last night, so I hope to get the top pieced today.
Pushin' Up Spring Block 12

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