Sunday, July 10, 2011


"Second verse, same as the first!"  Nothing new to report since last week.  My parcel from Connecting Threads arrived at the post office, but I couldn't pick it up until after 1pm on Friday, and by then I was well on the way to Kitchener, following a Uhaul truck!

Used this week 0 yards
Used year to date 120.63 yards
Added this week 0 yards
Added year to date 37.375 yards
Net used 2011  83.25 yards

Check out Judy's blog to check on others' progress.

DS2's move went smoothly.  His fiancee's father and sister were there to help too, so we took a shorter time than planned to get all the boxes and furniture off the truck, and by the time we left, the bed was made, curtains were up in the bedroom and the shower curtain was hung!  She was looking a little overwhelmed by the number of boxes that have to be unpacked, as she's had very little experience with moving.  DS2, as part of a military family, has moved many times, so for him it was just another move.
The first thing he did after signing the lease and inspecting the apartment was present her with her ring!


  1. Congratulations to DS#2.

    Nothing in and nothing out is still a good week.

  2. Congrads. Have fun planning the wedding. My DD got engaged and we have just started planning ourselves.


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