Monday, July 11, 2011


 I took a quick snap of the quilt centre with the first border added just before heading out of town!  I decided to continue the stars formed at the intersections of the blocks into the border to continue the design.  I have chosen two more fabrics to add more borders, but have to do some measuring to make sure I have enough before cutting!  Still trying to use my stash.  I hope to get this one finished when I return home so I can add all the fabric to my stash report! 

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More unpacking on Sunday.  DH helped DS2 assemble a microwave stand that has a lovely glass-door upper cabinet with beadboard lower cabinet.  They have a fairly large kitchen for an apartment, but the building is 40 years old, so is not built for modern kitchen equipment.  I helped unpack the boxed pantry items and found a few necessary items so we could continue.  Thanks to DS2, who made a database of all his belongings as they were packed, listed with box name, so finding particular items is easy!
After lunch we went shopping - first to find an extra towel bar for the bathroom, and a chrome shelving unit for their storage area. Then we headed to the grocery store and stocked them up with 2 shopping carts of basics!  Back to the apartment and while the "girls" unpacked the groceries, the "boys" began to install the vertical blinds for the patio door.  We had to quit before they were completely finished as we were meeting a family friend for dinner.  We've know her since she was 2, and she recently graduated from the University of Guelph.  She plans to begin work on her Masters' degree in September.  She has turned into a wonderful young lady!


  1. Susan, your quilt top is gorgeous! I can't wait to see it finished. :) Best of luck with finishing up the moving. :)

  2. Yes, this is a gorgeous quilt. What was the name again?


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