Friday, September 3, 2010

Adding yet another project!

My best friend called yesterday to ask a favour.  A member of her church had passed away, and her family had found an unfinished quilt - top made and matched to batting and backing piece included.  She asked if I could quilt it in time for their fall bazaar.
After it was delivered, I opened it to find this:
It is an oversized pinwheel quilt made of two blocks and a couple of odd borders.  I pressed it and starched it well.  When I unfolded the backing fabric, there wasn't enough to back the quilt, let alone make binding.  My friend had said to call if I needed anything, but I decided to use this project to help shrink my stash.
I cut the required pieces for the binding from the backing fabric, then measured what was left.  I didn't have enough of any one pink fabric to make a large enough backing, so I added one print to the sides, and another to the top and bottom.  More spray starch on the backing and I am now in the process of pin basting.
Choosing a quilting design to help this quilt will be a big decision.....

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  1. I bet this quilt will be gorgeous when you finish it!

    I am currently hand quilting a quilt top which belonged to my grandmother. It's pretty old and not what you'd call beautiful, but I hope after I quilt it and bind it, it will be a treasure. I'm using the Baptist Fans quilting design on it, which I've never done before. I considered machine quilting it, but somehow it didn't seem right on such an old quilttop.


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