Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Pin Basting

Started this morning by ironing and starching the backing fabric.  Then I clamped it to my cutting table, covered it with batting, then added the appliqued and pieced top after it also was pressed and starched. As you can see, I still use a grapefruit spoon to help close the pins.
This quilt is from a kit (Christmas present from DH) from Connecting Threads called Indigo Stars.  I don't usually buy kits, but DH liked this one, and as it was applique, he figured it would keep me busy for a while.  It was very unusual, as the diamonds and centre squares were basted to paper shapes (like English paper piecing), then appliqued to the background.  The instructions said to slit the background fabric to remove the paper after stitching, but I dislike doing this.  Instead, I starched and pressed each shape very well, then stitched most of the shape, removed the basting and the paper, then finished the final side of the stitching.  This method did make very sharp points, but I'm not sure if I'd try it again.

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