Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Quilting the Scrappy Double Irish Chain Quilt

As almost always, I began quilting with straight lines.  I decided to stitch through all the scrappy squares first.  Then I continued on, to stitch-in-the-ditch around the plain border; then I added the binding, so that I wouldn't have to deal with the raw edges of the quilt.  I always used to leave the binding until the end, but prefer this method instead.
While tidying up my sewing room, I found some quilting designs, prepared on "golden" tissue paper, that were the perfect fit for my alternate blocks!  I had to make a few more before stitching the pattern.  The original pattern was from a Quilters' Newsletter free download in 2003 - amazing what you find tucked into corners in your sewing room!

Then I decided to stitch loopy fans in the background areas of both the white and purple edges of my scrappy border.

I finished off with a couple of swirls in the 4-patch in each corner.

This quilt was machine quilted, using a Juki, and hand guiding without a frame or stitch regulator.


  1. Wow! You're quite the suspense builder, posting bits and pieces as you go, creating curiosity. I always love to see how everything comes together. Beautiful quilt!

  2. I love the looks of scrappy irish chains...yours is great! I want to make a triple irish chain with my scrap bin sometime...I saw one on Little House on the Prairie and it just stuck in my head that I need one too!


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