Monday, April 26, 2010

Design Wall Monday

I've been inspired by Judy, to add mine to the mix!  I made these blocks last spring, inspired by the 2003 Project Linus pattern in Quiltmaker magazine.  I began by cutting lots of novelty fabric squares, then continued to cut the triangle pieces as well.  Didn't do too much matching, but just looked for good contrast.  This will be the second quilt made with these blocks, and I have enough for one more as well!  I found all the blocks while reorganizing my sewing room.  Still haven't completely unpacked after our return from Florida, but I'm slowly plugging away at the task!


  1. Great idea using the novelties in the center. Makes for agreat I Spy quilt.

  2. I like these kinds of quilts. Ones that you remember you have half way done and drag them out of the corner they have been hiding in and finish them up! Then off to a charity! Yep. Those are the bestest quilts!


  3. Hi Susan! I like your blocks-amazing what you can find when reorganizing!


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