Monday, April 12, 2010

On the Road Day 3

Another lovely sunny day, but couldn't stop at a couple of my favourite shops, as we passed by before they opened.  DH pulled a page out of his itinerary, and told me to help him navigate.  After a quick stop for lunch we ended up at Jinny Beyer's Studio!

Had a lovely snoop around the shop - great seeing the famous palette all in one place, and loved browsing her famous stripes!  There were lots of patterns, kits, and interesting gift items as well.  Even though I've been on a self-imposed fabric diet, I had to go off the wagon!  I found a lovely stripe that had to come home with me, then bought 2 half-yard  pieces of coordinating fabrics.  DH suggested that I get a coffee mug with a selection of fat eights as well!  If I had a larger budget, I would have bought a kit for this quilt, made from her newest fabric line.  The village centre where the shop is located is very picturesque!  We headed out and meandered our way to Wilkes Barre PA.

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  1. What a neat stop! Love the pictures -- it is so green and picturesque!


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