Friday, December 8, 2017


When we arrived south this fall, I was approached by a new member of my quilting group to make a quilt for a neighbour who has cancer.   She purchased a panel, and the backing double-wide flannel, but had to return north.  I asked the group for help, requesting a few 12 inch finished quilt blocks, and got busy designing a quick pattern for the quilt.

Tuesday night, I received the final 2 blocks, and managed to complete the top.  At our regular Wednesday quilting group, I had help to pin-baste the quilt.  Thursday, I completed the quilting, and machine stitched the binding to the quilt.  I sat, watching TV with DH, and managed to stitch down all the binding but about 24 inches before we headed to bed.

This morning I completed the binding, and took a picture of the quilt, then presented it to our neighbour, who was very surprised!
He said that he has been feeling cold all the time, while going through chemo, so I told him that we call our quilts "hugs", to wrap him in affection and kindness while he was fighting the disease.  I included a "colour catcher" for the quilt's first wash, as I had pre-washed all the fabric before assembly, but I'm not sure about the blocks that others completed.


  1. Kudos to you! I call mine Quilty hugs. I know they are appreciated.

  2. Nicely done. That was a great idea to give him a color catcher with it.

  3. What a lovely thing for you and your group to have done for this neighbor, Susan! And what a beautiful quilt. :)


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