Sunday, February 12, 2017


Used this week 7.25 yards
Used year to date  28.625 yards
Added this week  13.5 yards
Added year to date  25.5 yards
Net used 2017  3.125

I finished another baby quilt, made from a cloth book panel, yesterday, so I didn't have to go back into the "red" again!  My fabric order from Connecting Threads arrived, with backing fabric for 2 more scrap quilts that I have waiting to be quilted, and a couple of sets of 2 1/2 inch strips for another project.

Yesterday morning, I managed to get both backs pieced, pressed and starched, ready to pin baste.  Now I just have to find time when DH isn't off entertaining at the local nursing homes, and when there is a quiet time at the clubhouse, so I can use the large tables.

Saturday morning, DH and friends entertained at a fund-raiser for a local charity at their walk-a-thon.  Thomas Promise is a local charity the provides food to homeless students on the weekends, when the school meals are not available.  They receive a backpack full of ready to eat food.  The charity is currently providing 1000 to 1600 bags of food to students in our county, each week. 

Check out all the progress at Judy's blog, Patchwork Times.

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  1. Good that you are out of the red and into the black. What a great charity to provide food to homeless students. I'm amazed there is that many students that are homeless in your county. Are these children in orphanages or foster care? It sounds like a wonderful program.


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