Thursday, February 25, 2016


My quilting group, along with other friends and residents of our community used our Wednesday quilting time to make pillowcases for the charity "Ryan's Cases for Smiles".
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One of the area coordinators came to assist, and brought 2 large totes full of pillowcase parts, all cut out and paired together, along with some pinned ready to stitch. 

 Our members also brought completed cases, and paired parts to donate as well.

We had 16 machines, including a couple of sergers, doing the stitching, and the remaining helpers worked at 4 ironing stations, a trimming station, and several pinning areas to keep us all busy. 

 We also had runners, who kept picking up and delivering cases and picking up pins from the stitchers, as well as turners, prepared the cases for the ironing team.
At first the stitchers sewed the cuffs to the body of the case, then it was turned, and sent to the ironing stations.  

Then the sergers were kept busy doing the final L-seam.  When we reached a backlog, the sewers began finishing the cases with French Seams.  Of course, there was a little un-stitching, and trimming to be done!

We began at 11, and by 3pm we had 
202 completed pillowcases, along with 100 cases with the cuffs stitched, pressed, ready for the final L-seam!  These will be taken to the next group for them to complete.

We had a short break for lunch, and there were chocolates and homemade cookies to share during the whole session.  (We wanted to keep everyone's energy levels up!) 

We had a great day, and plan to repeat this again next year.

Check out their website, as there are chapters all across the USA and Canada, who would love to have your help.  They have sewing days scheduled that anyone can join.and you can also donate money, fabric, zipper type plastic bags, as well as your time!   There is a pattern on their website, and a link to a tutorial on French seams.

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