Friday, October 16, 2015


Since we are quickly approaching our semi-annual relocation, we've been keeping busy, checking our lists and making preparations.

This week we completed our Christmas shopping for our immediate family members, and birthday shopping for our grandson.  We are visiting both households this weekend, for final hugs before heading south, and dropping off gifts!  I'm glad that we can skype with our grandson, and we'll be able to see his growth over the next few months!  Hopefully, he'll remember us when we return next spring.....

I've begun pulling fabric for winter projects.  I have a large collection of blue fabric, so I decided to make my guild's BOM quilt in all the various shades!

This is block number 1 from September.
Here is block number 2 from October.  There is another block to complete this month, but I'll see if I can fit it in next week!

This time, I'll have to remember to enter the finished quilt in the next quilt show.  We made one a few years ago, but I didn't even think to enter mine.  It was an interesting display, showing all the different fabric choices, and how different each quilt was - all beautiful!

Next week we have to get are Christmas cards organized, and complete the shopping for our "take south" list.  DH has been busy working through the list of jobs that need to be done before we close the house - thank heavens for good friends, who check on our place daily, and for good neighbours, who keep watch over the neighbourhood!

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