Tuesday, August 11, 2015


I'm not sure where Monday went!  DH and friend arrived in time for dinner last night.  They were both tired from their visit to Syracuse, with 5 performances in 3 days, but they had fun, added smiles to some residents of nursing homes, and generally enjoyed their time!

Nothing on my wall, but I managed to get my half log cabin quilt pin-basted.  Now to find time to quilt!
It is currently draped over my sewing table, just patiently waiting.

So far this morning, two more members of the band arrived, just in time to head out for the morning performance.  The whole group is returning to our place at noon, for a quick lunch, so this morning I made some egg salad and tuna salad to make sandwiches, and I'll slice some tomatoes, cheese, put out pickles, crackers, meat and other condiments, and they can have a free-for-all, making their own lunch when they arrive.  This afternoon, we're all going to attend the performance, then are off to band member Steve and Shirley's place for dinner.  Not sure when quilting will fit into the schedule.  
Tonight we'll have 3 house guests instead of 1 - we're at our maximum number for the space we have in our small townhouse, but everyone is comfortable.  It will seem very quiet when everyone heads home on Thursday!!!!!

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  1. Oh this reminds me of my grandfather who played and sang in nursing homes. It was so much fun to him set up and visit with the residents. I miss it. Looking forward to seeing your gorgeous log cabin quilt quilted!


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