Thursday, June 4, 2015


Tuesday was the day to hand in all the quilts for the show.  The registrars were busy pinning number and location cards on each quilt and bag, and handing receipts to each quilter.  They had others collecting the quilts, and organizing them by location code, and then they were loaded into waiting vans, and taken to be stored until the set-up day.  By the end of the day, they had MOST of the quilts.  Some of the out-of-town quilters were coming for my guild's annual spring dinner on Wednesday, so they were set up early to do more intakes.  Now they are trying to locate the remainder of the quilts.  A few had been in other shows, and won't be arriving until set-up day.
I spent Wednesday editing the "artist statements" (printed labels), turning them into a format that can be used on the photo CD.  I've also been making changes to all the lists, etc., as a couple of the quilts were withdrawn from the show.
Wednesday night I headed to our meeting hall early to help set up for the spring dinner.  The executive members do the catering, and my job was to make bean salad for 100!  We had a huge selection of salads, cheeses, ham and roast beef, homemade pickles, and wonderful pumpkin rolls.  The social committee for June provided a great selection of desserts as well. 
Our guest speaker arrived, and presented a slide and trunk show about the Modern Quilt movement.  She is a member of the new Modern Quilt Guild of Ottawa.  There will be pictures on our website in a few days.  There weren't too many show and tell quilts, but community quilts had a large display.  
Next Wednesday the work begins - we'll be picking up stands and other items from the storage locker and setting them up.  Then Thursday all the quilts will be hung, the boutique set up and the kitchen loaded with supplies for the show.  We'll be photographing the rest of the quilts (about 80), and I'll spend the day editing and compiling everything for the CD. Friday, Saturday and Sunday, I'll be at the show working, and DH is helping to take down the show on Sunday evening.  Monday we'll return to transport everything back to the storage locker.  Lots of fun!!!!
I guess I'd better get busy!!!!!

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