Saturday, April 4, 2015


That's what fills my days right now!  My sewing machine is in its case, and I've packed all my quilting tools, bits and pieces.  There is still tons to do, but I know, from past experience, that I have to take my time, or I forget things.

DH took some time this morning to have a "band" practice.  They are down one man now, but the rest were feeling the loss of their time together.  They played for almost 2 hours, trying some new songs to practice for next fall when they all get together again.  DH likes to play a big variety of music, so they can fit their performances to their audience.  He as put together a few medleys - songs that everyone loves, but only know 1 verse or the chorus.  The seniors love to sing along!

Talked to my grandson this morning (although he slept through most of the conversation!)  He'll be almost 3 months old by the time I get to hold him!!!!  Can't wait!

I'm having fun packing fabric, from the new yardage that I added to leftovers that I brought to make projects (I never want to run out mid-project!)  Of course, I have a few projects that I didn't find time for - don't know where the days go!  I often with that I could sew in the evenings, but that is my time with DH!  I sometimes hand stitch, but I had very few projects requiring hand sewing this year.  I'll have to be better prepared in future.

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