Thursday, April 16, 2015


I couldn't wait to get my sewing machine set up again.  My guild's community quilts group had been asked for some premie quilts for our hospital's NICU , only 24 inches square.  I prepared 3 tops and backs, then I called our committee head, to ask what if any, batting was being used.  Since this is new for our group, they were making samples using different layer and battings, but needed one made with poly batting.  They will be sent to the NICU so that they can decide which type they prefer.  I quickly quilted one of the three tops, and stitched binding to the small quilt.  I delivered it to the committee head at our guild executive meeting last night, and they will be delivered to the hospital on Friday.

While organizing all my fabric returning to my sewing room, I found some extra block parts from my mystery quilt.  I was able to made 4 blocks, so I decided to make 2 snap bags for our upcoming quilt show.  I found the extra matching fabric to make the pull tabs and lining, and pulled out my serger to clean-finish the final seams, so they are ready to go!

Next on my agenda is to complete some chicken soup.  We picked up 4 whole chickens, and I cut them into parts for the freezer, saving most of the skin and remaining bones with meat attached.  On Tuesday I simmered the stock and then strained it into some containers, and picked the meat from the remains.  Yesterday, I removed the fat from the stock, so it is ready for all the extras - yummy vegetables and herbs.  DH and I enjoy homemade soup for lunch most days, and I like to control the fat and salt content, while making tasty soup!    

I also plan to pull out some of my novelty prints to make luggage tags - another requested item for the quilt show boutique.  While looking, I'll set aside any large enough pieces for pillow cases for my southern quilt group's pillow case day next February.  This should help with my stash numbers!

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