Friday, August 29, 2014


Or off, as the case may be. 

This is a small shawl, using the pattern "198 yds of Heaven".  More of the cousins' alpaca yarn, but this time blended with 30% merino, and dyed.

I'm looking forward to getting the scarf and shawl blocked, but right now my blocking boards are in the garage, behind a bunch of "stuff".  A friend moved recently, and the moving company underestimated the size of the load, and there were several bulky items that didn't make it on the truck.  We offered to store it, and I'm waiting for a call to have it picked up by the same movers. For now, our small garage is full!

I'm knitting a hat to match the brown scarf that I had finished.  It is hard knitting for others when they don't give any directions to how many of each type of item they want.  Oh, well - I'll just keep knitting!


  1. Very pretty indeed. Looks like a quick finished too, which is a good thing.


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