Friday, August 15, 2014


It seems odd to me that I'm doing more knitting than quilting lately!

Today we went to Tweed to visit the cousins who own the alpacas.  At our family reunion in late June, they had given me 9 skeins of lovely hand-spun alpaca yarn to make items for them to sell.  I delivered a whole bag-full of items, from scarfs and mitts to hats and mini-shawls.  They were surprised that they were completed so quickly.  They had been paying a local person to knit some items for the, but she took 20 months to return the few items.  DH is happy that I like knitting, especially with someone else's yarn - less money for us to spend!  When I do knit, it is usually to donate, so I'm happy to help the cousins with their business!

In fact they were so pleased that they asked if I'd like some more yarn to play with.  This is today's haul.  This time, most of the yarn has been blended with some merino wool.  It is hard to tell but the 3 skeins on the left end and the two on the right end of the bottom row are tweed, with 2 shades of tan and beige.  As you can see, the skeins vary in the number of yards, so I guess I'm heading back to Ravelry to look for some different patterns!

They were telling us that last fall they had people knocking on their front door looking for alpaca mitts, in any size!  I just finished winding the first skein into a ball, and the ribbing for the first mitten is started!

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