Thursday, July 3, 2014


I don't usually knit very often, but when we attended DH's family reunion in June, I volunteered to knit a few items for our cousins who raise alpacas.  I came home with 9 skeins of alpaca yarn, from 3 different alpacas.
I headed to Ravelry to look for some different patterns and started with "Pearl-barred Scallop Scarf"

I love the texture in this one, and I love that I can knit with alpaca yarn, as I am allergic to wool.

Next I worked with the medium colour yarn and made the "Off-Set Diamonds Scarf".  

I still had yarn left from the skein, so I made a pair of ladies mitts, using a basic pattern, and stitching them in a basketweave pattern - I love texture in mitts.
 Using the first skein of the darkest yarn, I decided to knit a hat.

I used the "Mimosa Slouchy Beanie" pattern that is free from the Caron yarn website.  I really like the texture in this hat, with its alternating cable and lacy stitch pattern.
I have a small "shawl" type scarf finished, but it is still drying after its quick wash and blocking.  I'm knitting another pair of mitts in the lightest yarn colour.  Then I'll see what other items I feel like making.

DH has been a great help, holding the skeins of yarn while I wind it into a ball.  I remember doing this with my Mother - she knit many sweaters over the years.  I love to knit, although I'm not as efficient a knitter as my Mother, but I don't often wear a sweater.  Since we head south for the winter, I don't need hats, scarves, mitts etc., so I take advantage of every excuse to knit.

We are planning to visit our DS2 and DDIL in a couple of weeks, so we plan on dropping off all the finished items to the cousins on our way.  They sell both the yarn and finished projects at local markets.  The final picture is "Casino", when he was a baby.

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