Thursday, September 8, 2011


I spent the afternoon choosing fabrics for quilts for my BFF's two granddaughters.  I began with a panel for one, and yardage for the other, then played with EQ7 to make the quilts big enough for their single beds.
The hardest part was finding pieces of fabric from my stash with enough yardage to complete the borders!  Many of my pieces are a yard or less, and although I have some fabric wrapped on bolts, nothing seemed to be the right colour for these quilts!  I kept hunting, making design/colour changes as I went, and managed to find enough to make the two quilt tops!
EQ makes my job easier, as I make notes of all the measurements for the borders, and cut them all before beginning the quilt.  I mark the centre point of each border on each edge to help lining them up.  Once the borders were cut, I placed them on a hanger in the order I'd use them.  This certainly sped up the whole assembly process.

Quilt one, uses a Raggedy Ann panel that I found last fall, and then I found 2 coordinating prints at a shop in Houston, while visiting the quilt festival.

Quilt two uses a 1 1/2 yard panel of cute quilt blocks that has been waiting in my stash for the perfect requirement.

Off to the cutting table!  More later.......

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